EXACT™ Rapid Reset 3/4" Draw Stud Set

The M18™ 10T and 6T Knockout allow users to align the punches and dies without the awkwardness of balancing the tool. Reducing the tedious steps of hole making, improving the speed of the process, and limiting the fatigue of the user. The EXACT™ Rapid Reset Draw Studs simplifies the process of punching repetitive holes by removing the tedious step of unthreading the punch from the drawstud. A 1/4 turn releases the ball pull, dump the slug and setting up for the next hole is as simple as a 1/4 turn to lock the ball pull back on.  Milwaukee® continues to innovate, delivering the Easiest Way to Punch.

  • Fastest, Easiest, Reset: Turn ball pull 1/4 turn to release
  • For use with Exact™ 3/4" - 2" Punches and Dies
  • For use with Milwaukee® Quick Connect System
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Product Specifications

Length 1.42 in
Weight 0.81 lb
Height 9.84 in
Width 2.95 in
Material Composition Steel